How Do I Set Parental Controls on My Child’s Phone?

Safety first: How to set parental controls on your phone The parental control feature on Android smartphones and iPhones allows you to keep your child safe online. They can help you organize productive and useful time online by denying your kids access to specific sites and programs. Let’s find out what else this option does […]

Parental Control From iPhone to Android: How It Works

Technology giants devote a lot of time to user safety issues. Today Apple, Google and Microsoft are trying their best to help parents protect their children from all the harmful things that crawl the World Wide Web and make communication with their favorite gadget as harmless as possible both for physical and mental health. However, […]

Spyware for Phone Tapping: Parental Control

If you need to install a quality wiretap on your cell phone, then we can help you with this.We offer a reliable spy program “bug”, which can be installed remotely (physical access to the phone is not required). With the help of the spy app MobileSpy you can perform parental control of children who have […]

How Do I Choose a Parental Control App?

Most parents don’t have the time or knowledge to choose the right app for their family. No one would argue that keeping an eye on a first-grader and a senior needs to be different. In addition, the choice depends on the platform on which the smartphone runs.We’ve saved you time, studied current research by experts, […]

Parental Control Apps

Parental Control Apps Usually the app is installed only on your child’s phone. In this case, a separate desktop can be created, with approved applications and features. Another option is a complete ban or warning when using unwanted software. Parental control tools in applications Limit the time the gadget is used. Let’s say the child […]

Parental Controls on iOS

Parental controls on the iPhone do not allow third-party products to participate in the management of the device. But it’s worth noting here that the controls on this operating system are designed to work 100%. Screen time and privacy and content restriction features work effectively on iOS smartphones. Parents can set age limits, block dangerous […]

How to Set Parental Control on Android

How to set parental control on Android Mobile operating systems themselves have a minimal set of monitoring functions and will be effective only for small children. And those who have already mastered the basics of web surfing will have to be controlled by more advanced methods. In the case of the Android system, the limiters […]

Parental Control Apps: Which One to Pick?

Parental control is an application or program that limits explicit components of gadgets: cells, workstations.  Parental control applications are used to safeguard your child from unpropitious objections and all-inclusive visits on the Internet or games.  Read more“Call Me Call Me” or How to Control Your Child’s PhoneExactly when the virtual world sucks in you, yet […]

Baby Conception

If the women want to conceive then a very important aspect to be kept in mind is a good physical condition. The chances for successful conception arises only when the women takes a balanced diet, exercise regularly, take proper rest and take care of the body. Some important things one can keep in mind that […]

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