Under Weight Babies

The studies have shown that half of the babies born in Bangladesh and one- third born in India suffer from underweight at the birth time. Research also shows one-sixth of the babies born in Africa and seven percent born in U.S are also underweight. The main reason for the women having underweight babies in India […]

Problem in Breast Feeding

Breast milk is the complete food for the baby which provides various immunities and nutrients to the baby. This protects the baby from the diseases and allergies. Sometimes the situation arises that the mother could not breast feed the babies and they have to depend on some supplements such as animal milk and formula. If […]

Donating Breast Milk

Breast milk is considered to be the best and complete food for the baby. As breast feeding contains about 400 nutrients such as hormones and disease fighting enzymes. Now, there are various milk formulas available in the market which does not contain any nutrient. The compounds and hormones available in the breast milk enhance the […]

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