Baby Adoption

Baby Adoption

The voluntary acceptance of a baby of other parents is known as adoption.

Who can adopt a baby?

  • Single or married, already parenting or childless can adopt a baby.
  • If adoptive parents have a disability, they would have disqualified adopting a child.
  • History of marital or divorce does not automatically eliminate you as a candidate.
  • Nowadays, babies with single applicants are placing by numbers of agencies.

How to adopt a baby?

There are various methods to adopt a child. Parents or single can be adopted a child through private agencies, public agencies, adoption attorneys or facilitators.

Types of adoption:

Agency adoptions

Somebody can adopt a child through licensed private agencies and the local public agency. Local public agency is also called by child welfare, foster care and social services. In this method, birth parents and adoptive parents may meet to know each other. The procedure of adoption in this method takes about 6 months.

Parents can adopt a child through licensed adoption agency. This agency is responsible legally for the baby until the adoption procedure is complete. Agency will be given all the rights and documents to parents after the completed the adoption process.

Independent adoptions

An independent adoption is also known as private or open adoption. This is adoption without any agency. The adoptive parents and birth parents can meet to know each other and decided to have contact with the baby after adoption. According to law, adoptive parents must be about ten years older than the adopted child.


Parents or someone can adopt a baby through facilitators. This procedure is completed without involving any agency. This facilitator is also called by private placements. In this method, advertisements are used by radio, newspapers, billboards, internet, print flyers and television.

International adoption – in this way, adoptive parents and the birth parents live in separate countries. But in interstate adoption, both types of parents can live in same or different countries.

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