Baby Conception

Baby Conception

If the women want to conceive then a very important aspect to be kept in mind is a good physical condition. The chances for successful conception arises only when the women takes a balanced diet, exercise regularly, take proper rest and take care of the body. Some important things one can keep in mind that substances such as taking alcohol, smoking or drugs can harm the baby. These things should be avoided. The women should also have a thorough knowledge of the reproductive system.

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet helps the women to fight from the harmful effects. Daily schedule of eating should be followed. The most important nutrient folic acid should be taken in the diet which is found in oranges, cauliflower, wheat germ and green vegetables. Doctors also advised to take folic acid if the women are planning for the baby’s conception. Studies have shown that women taking folic acid has reduced the risk of neural tube defects up to 70 percent. Before baby conception prenatal vitamins should also be taken which contains all necessary nutrients and vitamins. These vitamins should be taken along with the meal to avoid stomach irritation. Overdose of vitamins should not be taken as it can cause harm to the fertility and health.

Exercise can help the women in achieving baby conception. Women should join an exercise program before conceiving. Doing exercises regularly decrease the pains and aches of women during conceiving. The women should not exert so much during conceiving as it can damage the menstrual cycle and create various problems. Doctors advised them to do walking everyday which can have a positive impact on their health. They can also do swimming as well as it is also one type of exercise.

When women are trying to conceive some prescription medications should be avoided or it should be consulted with the doctor. Women should avoid the use of Aspirin and Ibuprofin. They can take Acetaminophen when they find it necessary. Caffeine intake should be avoided as it can impair the fertility and restrict the growth of the baby. Exposure to chemicals and radiations should be avoided. Sometimes environmental pollutants also harm the fertility so women should avoid going out when the weather is not good.

So, such things which harm in the baby conception should be avoided by the mother. Eating well and taking necessary nutrients can keep the baby healthy. Hence, the mother should keep the necessary things in mind before baby conception.

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