Baby Names

Baby Names

It is very difficult to find “Perfect Baby Name” for parents for their newborn baby. There are available various web links which contain lots of baby name and their meanings. Not only this, sites include popular baby name, unique, uncommon, modern and unusual baby names for both girls and boys.

Name is a word or combination of words which can distinguished from others person. “Name” is given by both grandparents to their child at birth. First name is selected by parents and but last name or surname is given, which identifies the family to which boy or girl baby belongs. Name is identified properly an individual person. There are lots of Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain names.


Selecting a name that is on the top of popularity lists, it can be very risky. Newborn baby will be left with a popular name and do not stay famous forever. Parents can use baby name finder to search a unique, simple names that are in the bottom 10% or bottom 25% of the rankings.


At the time of selection of names, always consider what pet names or nicknames can be derived from selected name and test the pet names or nicknames for compatibility. Parents may want to choose full name of their newborn baby such as Joseph, but there are also nick names like Joey or Joe. Joseph will be called by these nicknames by someone. People who are against nicknames, they can be selected name such as Ethan, Justin, Mark, Todd, Carl, Blake, Adam, Dean, Ross for boys and Gail, Chelsa, Amber, Paige, Bryn for girls.


Parents can select the names for their newborn baby out of celebrities names list. These celebrities names often fade with time, but most of people are using these popular names. Some people choose names of the characters that played by celebrities in the films and on TV.


There are many ways to select unique name for those who do not like to use a traditional name or popular name. Various methods people can use to select unusual name or unique name is to use foreign variation of a popular name, using an occupation name like Sailor, using a place name like Dakota or Dallas or using a surname as a first name like Kennedy.

Parents can create baby names by adding a prefix before a name like La-, Da-, Ta-, etc, by adding a diminutive ending to a popular name like –ette, -ina, -ita or blending or spelling a common name differently or combing other names.

Risk of using a unique name is that to make child stand out from the crowd, child can lead to teasing or he/she may stand out too much.

Baby name finder makes it very easy to select different names. Parents can save them to a list and this make to share parent’s views with others.

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