Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes

Baby walk is the part of normal development. Children learn to move at the last of first year and next half year. When lying on their stomachs, babies try their arms to themselves up. They do many activities such as crawl, sit up and other. They try to stand gradually. All babies are not walk at the same time. Some babies start walk within 10 months and some begin to walk after one year.

At the time of health assessment, babies’s progress will be checked by the health care providers. It is important that babies wear only that shoes which motivate natural foot development. Parents always worry about the normal walking of their babies. Due to walking barefoot grows muscular strength and good toe gripping; therefore keeping a child out of shoes in dry or warm situations is a good thought. Do not buy the shoes for toddlers until they are walking normal. Shoes should be good support over the front of the foot. Baby shoes must be flat (No heel), secure the shoe to the foot, flexible and light weight.

When to wear first shoes

When babies begin cruising or walking, they should start wear shoes. Parents should protect babies’ foot from the elements.

Important tips for selection of baby’s shoes:

  • Barefoot is good for babies, but it does not good practically.
  • Baby shoes may keep the foot prevent slipping on tile floors or wood floors while cruising, standing and walking indoors.
  • Baby shoes make by breathable materials such as canvas.
  • Baby shoes must be easy to care and breathe.
  • Shoes should not be tight; it will be easy to get on and off.
  • Shoes need to be changed after three or four months due to feet grow rapidly at early ages.
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