Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Baby shower, is a pre-birth party in which gifts and money received by parents for their expected child. A baby shower may help parents to get things that are necessary for newborn baby such as set of bedding and clothing for baby. It is a tradition in the United States and in other cultures influenced by US media or culture. It can be fun for friends and relatives to share the excitement of hosting, responsibilities and planning this special event.

A baby shower is organized for only mother-to-be, and women can attend this party. However, many people have a men-only shower and some people have both parents for baby showers. It is common for grandparents to have more than one baby shower like one with co-workers and other with friends. Mostly, a baby shower is organized by relative of parents-to-be and close friend. Due to event centers on gift-giving, it was host improperly by family members.

Families have become smaller and each newborn baby wants more attention, so a baby shower is common presently. Traditionally, it can be arranged for the first child, but it can also hold for subsequent babies and for baby who have been adopted. Baby-themed games can provide during the baby shower. In some regions, small gifts for the guests are not uncommon.

Mainly, baby showers held in all Americans. In Jewish culture, before newborn baby, nothing may be bought for the child.

There are many types of showers such as Daddy’s shower, Diaper shower, Grandma’s shower etc.

Who do invite in the baby shower and how should invite the guests?

Parents have many ideas of those who invite in this shower. It is safe to make the guest list by mother-to-be. If the shower is for first newborn baby, parent-to-be invite close friends and all relatives. But a baby shower is not for first child, they may invite those who have not attended the previous baby shower and close friends.

Parents-to-be invite all guests through cell or an e-mail. Written invitations are a great way to invite the guests. Parents can buy pre-printed invitations card at stationery stores and card shops.

Where should Parents have the baby shower?

Mostly, baby showers are organized in the home of the hostess. However, parents can shower at a favorite restaurant, a church fellowship are or a banquet hall. It depends on budget and which type of atmosphere parents want.

When to organize a baby shower?

Normally, before a month or two months of mother-to-be’s due date, showers are given. It’s a good way to give gifts for baby to mother. ‘Welcoming Shower’ is preferred by some people a few weeks after the baby arrives.

Should the men be invited in the shower?

It depends on what type of shower is given by parents. A shower is a special event for expecting father as well as mother so, if they want to held shower with women and men. Father-to-be also get attention at the shower and receive gift and share fun.

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