Baby Sleeping Habits

Baby Sleeping Habits

One can make the baby learn about the right sleeping habits. Sleeping habits is one of the major factors that affect the health of the baby if the baby is not sleeping. The sleeping habits depend on the age. If the baby is of three or four months then they sleep about 14 to 15 hours in a day or 9 to 10 hours at night.

So, one can know whether the baby is establishing the good sleeping habits or not and they are: –

  • Establish set bed-and naptimes – One should set the bed for the baby when he sees the signs of sleepiness such as ear pulling and eye rubbing etc. A specific time is set for the baby to sleep and changing of their naptimes so that they can sleep comfortably.
  • Wake the baby in the morning to set daily clock – One can wake the baby in the morning according to his daily clock. This will help the baby set the time when they will sleep and wake up and also set the target for changing the naps.
  • Begin to develop a bedtime routine – One can develop a good bedtime routine for the baby by following some rules:- giving the baby a bath everyday, getting the baby changed for bed, singing a lullaby every night. If the same routine is followed every night then a consistency is maintained and this will help the baby to sleep well.
  • Potential pitfalls – One should make the baby to sleep independently so that if the baby awakes at night they can sleep on their own instead of anyone’s assistance like sleeping by one’s arms, by breast feeding or by putting a bottle in their mouth.
  • If the baby is of six to nine months old, then they requires about 14 to 15 hours sleep per day and changing of naps requires at least a half to two hour naps per day. The consistent bed routines and changing of naps will help one to determine their sleeping patterns.

One can develop a good sleeping habits for them also like:-

  • Develop and follow a bedtime routine – Before setting the bed for the baby some schedules should be followed like bathing, playing and many more and then set the baby to sleep.
  • Make sure the baby has plenty of opportunities to fall asleep on his own – One should try to teach the baby to sleep by itself. They should not depend on anyone. If they cry at night then wait for sometime to set them themselves.
  • Potential pitfalls – At this age, the baby feels asleep due to separation anxiety and cognitive and motor development. They try to crawl, sit and even learn to walk but do not sleep at night. One should make efforts to make them sleep.

There are few things one can do to make their baby sleep. They are: –

  • A super cute lovie should be given to them so that they can snuggle them while sleeping.
  • Babies should be kept on their backs so that they can sleep quickly and easily. Sleep position pillows can also be kept around them.

So, one should make the baby develop good sleeping habits.

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