Baby Teething & Teeth Care

Baby Teething & Teeth Care

Teething process

Mainly, baby teething begins after six months old. Central incisor at lower is the first tooth that begins to pop out. After this, molars the second tooth starts develop at 2 years old. Almost babies have their primary teeth at third birthday. Sometimes, babies are born with one- two teeth or have a tooth emerge within the first one or two weeks. There is very difficult time for parents and babies at time of baby teething. There are some symptoms of teething such as mild pain, drooling and swollen red gums. It is associated health diseases such as diarrhea or fever. Baby may experience uncomfortable at the time of baby teething. Sometimes, they have problems in sleeping and like to bite drool and any hard items. Do not give biscuits or cookies to babies because it can develop tooth decay.

Teeth care for babies

Parents must keep their babies teeth clean. There is no necessary to brush the teeth at the first year of life. Parents may be give babies teeth a wipe with gauze.
Babies can start using a toothbrush at about one and half years.
Parents should teach the baby that how to brush the teeth in right way.
Parents should make an appointment with a dentist after three years old.
If baby feel more pain and uncomfortable, go to the health care providers immediately.
Wipe child’s face with a cotton cloth to prevent rashes from associating and remove the drool.
Parents should rub their baby’s gums with a neat and clean finger.
Never rub whiskey on baby’s gums.

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