Breast Feeding Baby

Breast Feeding Baby

Every mother breast feed the baby because there is a special bonding with the baby and the baby can get essential nutrients from breast feeding. Now days, breast feeding the baby is impossible. So, the mother is provided with the best option to breast feed the baby and that is breast feeding pumps. These pumps can be single or dual. Through these pumps the mother nipple can produce the maximum amount of milk. Sometimes the mother has to massage the breast to feed the baby. These pumps are very easy touse, comfortable and efficient which can store the milk for the baby.

While breast feeding the baby, the nipple should be in the baby’s mouth so that they can suck the milk properly. Before breast feed the babies they should be lie in a proper position. The babies who are breast fed are fed by the mother about eight to twelvetimes per day. When the babies are suckling milk, the mother should check that whether the babies are taking the milk into their mouth or not. If they are not suckling the milk properly then the babies does not receive the necessary nutrients. As a result, the baby tends to lose weight and becomes dehydrated. The breast milk also contains some chemicals known as suppressor peptides. The mothers know the quantity of milk taken by the baby and accordingly they increase or decrease the amount of milk. Some mothers depend on the formula milk instead of breast feed the baby because of lack of opportunities to breast feed.

Breast feeding is very good and natural and is easily digested by the babies. It enhances the emotional and physical development of the baby. It is an ideal food for the baby which contains necessary nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins etc. It also contains antibodies which strengthen the immune system and the nervous system of the baby. Some supplements like formula, glucose and some other pacifiers should be avoided.

So, the mother should be relaxed while using a breast pump. After using the pump, it should be washed to avoid the germs getting into it. The mothers should take the essential nutrients so that they can breast feed the babies in a proper way and the babies remain healthy.

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