Donating Breast Milk

Donating Breast Milk

Breast milk is considered to be the best and complete food for the baby. As breast feeding contains about 400 nutrients such as hormones and disease fighting enzymes. Now, there are various milk formulas available in the market which does not contain any nutrient. The compounds and hormones available in the breast milk enhance the growth and development of the baby. So, breast feeding is the god’s gift which every mother has got. But there are some situations where mother is unable to breast feed the baby and then the problem of donating breastmilk arises.

If mother is unable to breast feed the baby with milk, then to reduce the problems donating breast milk is the best option available for the mother. In this way, the mother can breast feed the baby which contains growth and hormonal factors and various immune properties. The quantity of milk given by the donor is about 30ml to 100ml per day. When the donor gives the first donation, it has to be made around six months of the starting of breast feeding. If the donor is taking contraceptive pills then it is advised to take only progesterone. The donor who is donating milk should be advised not to take alcoholic drinks, not to smoke and do not use asthma inhalers. If the donor develops any major disease then they should not donate the breast milk as it can affect the health of the baby.

The breast milk is useful to fight against the infectious diseases, pneumonia and cardiac problems. This milk can be easily digested by the baby and it will also strengthen the immune system. If the breast milk is provided to the baby for the first three months then the baby is protected from the respiratory illness. Donating breast milk has saved thousands of babies from dying. In order to survive, babies who have metabolic defects, infectious diseases, immunologic deficiencies rely on donating breast milk. If the babies are not given the milk then they can die.

Donating breast milk is very much in demand and requires about 500 ounces per week. If the baby is in need for milk then the mother can also contact the Milk Bank.

Milk Bank is a bank where milk is collected, screening is done, milk is pasteurized and then it is given to the baby. There are five breast milk banks available in U.S and one is in Canada .

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