Equipment Used in Breast Feeding

Equipment Used in Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding is a best way to care for a newborn infant. It is good for the mother and baby and helps the infant receive the all elements such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and fat from breast milk. Breast milk is beneficial for help the baby fight against infection and health diseases. It is good to begin breast feeding after the few minutes of birth and immediately. Breast feed may offer by a mother to her baby for four to six months. After this, she can introduce the solid food to the infant.

Storage equipment

Storage equipments include bottles or bags for milk storage. There are available packs of disposable storage bags for storing the breast milk.

Breast pumps

There are three types of breast pump such as electric pump, manual pumps and battery operated pumps. These pumps must be comfortable, easy to use, easy to clean and efficient.

Electric pumps

Electric pumps are available in different sizes. These are beneficial for a mother where the milk supply is augmented due to the infant has not been established at breast. It may rental in case of baby hospitalization.

Manual pumps

Manual pumps may mainly use for special milk expression. It can be used with the help of hand to pump the lever.

Battery operated pump

These are available attached with battery operated motor. This is very easy to use and do best work for mother.

Nipple protection

During breastfeeding, nipple protectors are important to prevent cracked nipples. It is cover of breast and help to reduce the milk flow. Mothers should use it as a short-term period. Healing ointment like kamillosan, can be applied to soothe cracked nipples after breastfeeding.

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