Parental Control Apps

Parental Control Apps

Parental Control Apps

Usually the app is installed only on your child’s phone. In this case, a separate desktop can be created, with approved applications and features. Another option is a complete ban or warning when using unwanted software.

Parental control tools in applications

Limit the time the gadget is used. Let’s say the child returned from school at 2 pm, and for nothing to distract from doing homework, set a limit for Internet access, for example, until 8 pm.

Limit the use of apps. Parents can prohibit their child from playing games that contain violent or erotic elements; limit the installation of programs that offer electronic shopping, betting and other monetary transactions.

Web filtering. This feature is implemented in several ways on different devices and applications. Most often, the program has access to a database that contains undesirable resources for children, and automatically blocks them. The peculiarity is that not all browsers support this function.

Location tracking. The application allows you to find out not only where the child is at the moment, but also to see the history of the movement over a month. In some cases, the program alerts parents that the child went beyond the trusted location or approached undesirable areas (markets, train stations, abandoned factories, etc.).

Communication control. Here the functionality varies from app to app. Some allow the parent to see only the list of calls, others – to read SMS-messages and listen to phone calls, others – will let you know what is happening in correspondence in social networks.

SOS. Such a signal is built into the operating system itself. If not, special applications with this function will help. The child can signal that he is in trouble, and parents will know where he is.

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