Problem in Breast Feeding

Problem in Breast Feeding

Breast milk is the complete food for the baby which provides various immunities and nutrients to the baby. This protects the baby from the diseases and allergies. Sometimes the situation arises that the mother could not breast feed the babies and they have to depend on some supplements such as animal milk and formula. If the mother is unable to breast feed the baby then certain problems arises like inverted nipples, sore nipples, flat nipples are used and swelling can also be developed. These problems can be prevented if proper care is done before the pregnancy.

Some of the problems depend on the shape and size of the nipple.

There are various types of nipples provided and they are:-

  • Inverted nipple – The nipple does not become erect and if it goes inside the breast then it is known as inverted nipple. This nipple becomes protractile and normal.
  • Sore nipples – It means the feeding in the incorrect position and attachment of the baby at the breast. If this is done regularly then it can lead to breast abscess and cracked nipple.
  • Flat nipple – This nipple is used to show where the baby will position the breast.
  • Long nipple – This nipple is very long and the baby does not get breast tissue from this nipple. So, in order to take breast tissue the baby is brought closer to the breast.
  • During breast feeding, if the mother feels pain then firstly she should wait when the baby releases the breast and then again breast feed the baby in the correct position, this will not cause pain to the mother.

The treatment for cracked nipples is:-

  • Washing the nipple daily with water
  • Exposure of nipple to air and sun
  • Feeding in correct position
  • Medicatedcreams should not be used by the mother as it will affect the soreness.

Fullness and engorgement of the breast – This is one of the major problems which exist in breast feeding. In this problem continuous milk production is there and if removal of enough milk is not done then this problem arises. The engorged breast appears to be shiny, painful and tight.

Some of the causes are:-

  • Long intervals between feeds
  • Other feeds given before starting breast feeding
  • Bottle feeding and any other restrictions on breastfeeding
  • If breast is engorged the baby is unable to take the feed.

So, expression of breast milk is done to reduce the pain of the mother.

Blocked duct – If the baby does not suck the breast in a proper position the blocking of the milk duct is there which will cause pain and swelling can also be occurred.

Swelling of the breast – If the blocked duct and engorgement continues then the infection is carried to the mother’s body and causing harm to the baby. The breast appears to be red, swollen and hot and it can cause fever also.

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