Spyware for Phone Tapping: Parental Control

Spyware for Phone Tapping (Parental Control)

If you need to install a quality wiretap on your cell phone, then we can help you with this.
We offer a reliable spy program “bug”, which can be installed remotely (physical access to the phone is not required).

With the help of the spy app MobileSpy you can perform parental control of children who have not yet reached the age of majority:

  • – iPhone;
  • – iPad;
  • – Android.

The app conducts covert monitoring, monitors:

  • – environment;
  • – calls;
  • – clipboard;
  • – voice messages;
  • – photos and videos;
  • – messages that relate to texting;
  • – chats and Internet resources;
  • – keys that are pressed.

The price for a wiretap on your cell phone we have the best. In addition, we give you the opportunity to test the application 24 hours!

You pay a monthly fee after 24 hours of testing the program – mobile spy, but the cost of implementation and activation of the spy application (the work is very painstaking and time-consuming) must be paid during the order process. This measure is necessary to avoid any losses from our side in case you refuse to use the spy application after the 24-hour testing period is over.

Cost of implementation and activation of the “Mobile Spy” application (payable in advance, when ordering):

  • – if you can provide username and password to the registration account of the object (Google ID / Apple ID);
  • – if you know the make and model of the smartphone, IMEI, login to his account on google or ICloud;
  • – only the object’s mobile phone number is known.

Do you have questions? Want to order wiretapping application for your cell phone? Then we are waiting for your feedback. With our help, you can remotely and completely secretly control the smartphone of the person of interest to you!

Detailed information is on our website.

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