Under Weight Babies

Under Weight Babies

The studies have shown that half of the babies born in Bangladesh and one- third born in India suffer from underweight at the birth time. Research also shows one-sixth of the babies born in Africa and seven percent born in U.S are also underweight. The main reason for the women having underweight babies in India , Bangladesh and even in South Africa and South Asia is malnutrition. In South Asia , when the women are sick, no one takes care of them. As a result, 60 percent of women in India and Bangladesh become underweight and undernourished and delivers underweight babies. The percentage of women having underweight babies in sub-Saharan Africa is about 20 percent.

The women delivering underweight babies suffer from great risk such as health, personal and mental aspects. Eighty percent of underweight babies survive but later on they suffer from various health problems in their life. The ratio of babies born in Cleveland whose weight is less than 2 pounds at the birth time is 220. Underweight babies suffer from the number of health problems like illness, disorders, emotional problems, visual problems, hearing problems, learning problems. Many more serious problems can also occur such as they can feel difficulty in washing, talking, walking, functioning of the child etc. So, the women are advised to take a proper balanced diet, do exercises daily and have a regular checkup. In this way, we can help the women from having underweight babies.

The studies have shown that taking zinc supplements can lower the ratio of underweight babies. The zinc can strengthen the immune system of the babies and protect them from various diseases. Various tests have been conducted by Sunil Sazawal and Dr Robert Black from Johns Hopkins University in India on underweight babies. The babies who are underweight, they are given zinc supplements and other nutrients so that they can survive. It was estimated that if zinc is added to the diet of the babies then it can reduce the risk of having 25 percent of diarrhea and 41 percent of pneumonia.

It is seen that about 60 percent of babies which are born in developing countries are underweight. The underweight babies are given five milligrams of zinc per day. The women who go for a dental X-rays can have more chances of having underweight babies. The studies have also shown that women who are suffering from periodontal disease will have underweight babies.

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